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Sightseeing at Munsiyari

We have marked out a variety of places you can see in and around Munsiyari. Some of these places cannot be found in travel guides and are known only by the locals or enthusiastic travellers.

Majestic Peak of Panchchuli - Visible though from all vantage points in Pithoragarh district, an intimate view of this most prominent cluster of five peaks may be had from Munsiyari in the Johar valley. The imperious beauty of this traditional home of Shauka tribe combining with the hospitality of the KMVN has earned for it the status of one of the most inviting tourist destination in the recent years.

Birthi Falls - It is a picturesque cascading waterfall surrounded with verdant colors. Birthi Falls is falling down from 126 mts of height. It is an ideal spot for tea and lunch breaks. It is located 35kms before Munsiyari.

Maheshwari Kund (Mehsar Kund) - It is also known as Mehsar Kund by the locales. According to myths and legends a Yaksha used to like in this small lake. The Yaksha fell in love with the Sarpancha’s daughter. Angry sarpanch and other peoples of the village dried the lake to avenge upon him. Yaksha cursed the village after this incident and Munsiyari suffered with drought for a long time until they came to to him and apologized. This ritual practice is even continued today. Maheshwari Kund is just a few kilometers walk from Munsiyari. This spot is now a pond offering panoramic vistas of nature. Panchachuli peak can be seen from here.

Betulidhar - Betulidhar is a large garden full of Rhododendrons. It is an ideal skiing slope in winters. The sunrise and sunsets of Betulidhar showcases beautiful hues of nature.

Thamari Kund - It is a ravishing natural lake surrounded by alpine trees and paper trees. Musk Deer can be easily spotted at this place.

Darkot - Darkot is a small picturesque hamlet situated 6kms from Munsiyari on Madkot road. If you are discerning shopper then do buy pashima, shawls and sheepwool blankets from here. The old artistic houses of Darkot represent the rich culture and creativity of the people of Kumaon.

Khaliya Top - Khaliya trek is a very easy trek, is around 10 kms from Munsiyari. The hieght of Khaliya top is 11500 ft and the trek offers panoramic views of the greater Himalayan ranges. Towering peaks of Panchchuli, Hardeol, Rajrambha, Nandadevi and Nandakot are clearly visible on this range. The Khaliya Alpine meadows are surrounded with these snow laden peaks. In winters Alpine slopes of Khalia Top and Betuldhar provide skiing options.

Nanda Devi - Nanda Devi Temple is one of the oldest Temples developed in ancient days. It is beautifully designed and decorated. People worship Nanda Devi Temple with great reverence for the bottom of their heart. A 3km stimulating trek from Munsiyari will take you to Nanda Devi Temple.

Tribal Heritage Museum - Fondly called Masterji Museum, Dr. S.S. Pangthi is a retired school teacher who is a trekker, traveler, author and an authority on Bhotiyas of the area. He has put together interesting antiques in a private museum at his residence in Nanasen village. Here one can have a look at the original documents, which enabled trade between the Johar Valley and Tibet and the personal effects of the traders.

Balati Potato Farm - At a height of 9000 feet this farm grows high yielding potatoes. Surrounded by lush green forests the farm has a magnificent view of the Panchchuli Peaks.

Kalimuni top - On the way to Munsiary from Birthi you can visit Kalimuni top at 9500 feet. It is 15 km from the Munsiary township and famous for The Kali temple. The view of Panchachulli range from the kalimuni top is amazing.